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FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. It has been set up by the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) with Government encouragement in response to the current Building Regulations for England and Wales. It is intended to ensure that installations of windows & doors meet the requirements of the current Building Regulations (many of these are statutory - i.e. legal, obligations).

Companies that are registered with FENSA are able to 'self certify' that installations they undertake meet these requirements and this is periodically checked (by inspection) by FENSA. Obviously it is important that the products installed in your home meet the Building Regulation requirements - both for your safety & peace of mind - but also if you decide to sell your property a solicitor will expect this work to be Certified.
Unfortunatly FENSA membership is not compulsory within the industry and FENSA can only inspect the work of member companies. As with any 'random' inspection process it is the 'threat' of inspection that should police the system - FENSA membership in itself does not 'guarantee' a good installation - rather it indicates a company that is a least committed towards achieving the correct standards.


The purchase of new windows & doors is an important (& expensive) decision & is one we know you'll want to get right. On this page we've tried to give honest & frank answers to some of the questions we're frequently asked. Whilst we hope you find the contents of this website interesting and informative, the contents are for general information purposes only and do not constitute advice. We believe the contents to be true and accurate as at the date of writing. Should your specific question or concern not be answered here please get in touch & we'll do our best to help.

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