Low maintenance and long lasting 

A conservatory is an expensive specialist project for most customers and not one to be carried out by the inexperienced. The knowledge that you have a supplier with a proven track record in this field allows you to confidently undertake any project.

  • Complete design of conservatories from C.A.D, through planning (if necessary) to installation. Because we oversee the whole process you get the peace of mind of dealing with the experts.
  • Expertise - we have the knowledge to build any style of conservatory. We won't try & sell you something from a brochure - we will supply you what you want.
  • Individual conservatory specification. A conservatory is NOT "several windows in a row" - every conservatory is reinforced, and uses specialised conservatory components.
  • 1stFrame offer a choice of roofing products - including the NEW Tiled Roofing system.

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